What We Do

We provide a complete package of website design and development services,
helping you to achieve the most from your online solutions.


Good design is about what is right for your business and enhances your brand.
A website which is poorly designed and implemented can destroy a brand in an instant.

Web Design

We create professional bespoke designs, backed by years of industry experience and technical know how.

Naturally a site should look good and we take care with every pixel.

However, web design is about far more than just how it looks, it is also about how it aids the user to navigate around the site and help find what they are looking for.

We take care in trying to create a design which is appropraite for your business and customers, which fits with your existing brand, or we can help you start afresh.

Web Design
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Using responsive web design and coding allows your website to seamless adapt to the screen size of the device it’s being viewed on, whether it is a high resolution desktop, a tablet or mobile.

As more and more users use tablet and mobile devices, it is increasingly important that your website works just as well on these devices, alongside traditional desktops and laptops.

This can also include additional techniques to take full advantage of touchscreens such as using swipe gestures to navigate between pages.

Responsive Design


We have a passion for developing websites and with thorough testing on all major
browsers and platforms, including tablets and mobiles, ensure that they work as they should.

Modern Tools & Techniques

We use the latest development tools and coding techniques to ensure your site is the best we can make it.

Writing clean HTML5 and CSS3 code which is checked to be WC3 compliant, along with other methods to help fast page loading.

Using frameworks such Twitter Bootstrap for rapid deployment, combined with PHP, Javascript, jQuery and jQuery mobile languages and added with other plugins to allow for backward compatibility with older browsers.

Content Management Systems




Content Management Systems

Are our speciality, having been writing and using CMS'es to create websites for many, many years.

Using a CMS allows you to update the site yourself, such as pages, images, files etc, quickly and easily and at no additional cost.

Over the years we have tested numerous systems and still do, but the ones that really stand out from all the rest are Wordpress and CMS Made Simple. We ensure that we set these up to make the administration of your site as easy as possible to allow you to get on with the job which you want to do.

Besides the core system there are 100's and for Wordpress 1000's of plugins available to extend what you can do.

All our clients for whom we have provided Wordpress or CMS Made Simple to manage their websites absolutely love them. Oh and they're free!


Why a Content Management System

The most important factors in deciding on these systems above all others are:-

  • You can easily have any design you wish, rather than it having to fit to the constraints of the CMS.
  • They are very easy to use for a none technical administrator.
  • Quick to upgrade, maintain and install additional modules / plugins.
  • You can have multiple templates with completely different designs and navigation.
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These are just some of the many features available.

  • Intuitive interface, pages screen same as a file directory.
  • WYSIWYG Word style content editor for formatting.
  • Preview additions and changes before publishing.
  • Copy pages with drag and drop to move and re-order.
  • Uploads manager for images and files.
  • Image editor for croping, resizing and rotating.
  • Global content blocks for reusable data.
  • Multiple users and groups with different access levels.
  • Administration log to see who edited what and when.
  • Pages added automatically to the navigation or hidden.
  • Search engine friendly URL's.
  • Built in site search with predictive search option.
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Add On Modules

There are numerous additional modules available of which here are just a few. It is also possible to create bespoke modules.

  • News, Blogs, Comments and RSS Feeds
  • Photo Galleries, Slideshows and Videos
  • Calendars and Events
  • Directory Listings such as Companies
  • Simple and Complex Forms with Data Storage
  • Private Member Areas
  • Products and Catalogues including E-Commerce
  • Registrations and Email Newsletters
  • Banner Adverts
  • Multi-Lingual
Content Management Systems





Helping users to find your site and increasing the number of visitors,
as well as monitoring how it is used, is an integral part of any online solution.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Can be a highly effective means of getting your message across and selling your products and services, as well as providing a value added service to your customers.

There are a myriad of possibilities as to how email marketing can be used, which can apply in equal measure to both business to business and business to consumer operations.

The most cost effective solution is to use the email newsletter module which is an add-on to our Content Management packages.

Alternatively, we can integrate your registration system with third party providers such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.



These can include:-

  • Bespoke design templates, including responsive for mobile.
  • Ability to enter images as well as text and attach files, also in HTML and text only formats.
  • Personalisation using a mail merge type function for a more effective response.
  • CSV file import and export of users.
  • Online registration and email confirmation.
  • Automatic unsubscribe facility.
  • Multiple user lists.
  • Automatic archiving of newsletters on the website.
  • Tracking statistics for views and clicks.
Email Marketing Newsletters
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

In layman's terms, SEO is the process of improving your website to rank more highly on search engine listings.

This can include a number of different processes, such as improving the content, setting up the title tags and metadata, writing clean source code, using SEO friendly URL's and social networks etc etc.

Improving your search engine positions will generate higher quality visitors and improve traffic to your website, which could make a massive difference to your business.

When building a new website, Applejack always makes Search Engine Optimisation an integral part of the process, right from the outset.



These can include:-

  • Keyword Research - to determine the most effective, relevant phrases that people are actually searching for.
  • Site Content - how a site is coded, text content, deep linking, metadata, site structure and navigation.
  • Links - including internal links within the site itself, outbound links to other sites, but primarily inbound links from other sites.
  • Page speed - we can analyse the speed of your website and then make some relatively minor additions and changes which can make a dramatic improvement to how fast your pages load, which in turn can help your search engine ranking.
  • Reports & Analysis - website statistics and search engine position reports.
Search Engine Optimisation

Google Adwords & PPC Campaigns

We can set up and monitor Pay Per Click campaigns using Google Adwords and elsewhere.

This is where you have an advertising campaign which is shown on search engines such as Google and potentially other netwroks partners.

Using their Adwords system, if a user searches a keyword or keyword phrase which is included in your campaign, then your advert will appear. Where you advert will appear depends on the bid price for that keyword in relation to other competing adverts.

If a user then clicks on your advert, which then goes through to your website, you are charged the amount or below what the bid price for that keyword was set at.



These can include:-

  • Keyword Research - to determine the most effective, relevant phrases that people are actually searching for and which are the most likely to give the best ROI.
  • Advert Creation - we create a number of adverts with different wording in order to gauge which are the most effective.
  • Reports - detailed montly statistics reports of all keywords and adverts.
  • Additions and Changes - ongoing refinements to your campaigns.
Website Analysis

Website Analysis

There is a huge amount of information which can be gathered from a websites statistics.

This includes, which pages get the most visits, how users navigated through the site, which browers and platforms they used, including tablet and mobile devices etc etc.

We can help you through the myriad of data and produce a number of different reports from Google Analytics, web server log files and search engine position reports, as well as bespoke reports.

These enable you to understand and monitor how users are interacting with your site and to guage what is working and what perhaps is not, as well as changing patterns in users behaviour.

Website Analysis


Over the years we have carried out work for numerous agencies,
both large and small, including working on some of the world's largest brands.


We can provide additional coding support and if need be design, at times when you have insufficient internal resources.

The advantage of using an agency such as us over traditional freelancers, is that we can provide long term continuity and support and can also work out cheaper.

We look forward to a challenge and enjoy working with different designers.

We would love to be able to show you some of this work, but we respect the privacy of our partners.



We pride ourselves on the quality and level of service we provide
to all our clients, regardless of size, colour or creed.


We host all our clients sites on our own dedicated servers, so you are not having to compete for system resources with potentially hundreds of other users, as many other web design companies use.

This allows us complete control and be able to install specialised system components in order to enhance your website.

Enterprise OS running Centos 6+ which is regularly updated to the latest system and security packages. PHP 5.4+, 5.5+, 5.6+, MySQL, CGI, Firewall, POP3 and IMAP for email including webmail.

Super fast 2 x 12 (24) core processors, 32GB RAM, hardware RAID drives, daily automated backups stored in 3 different locations. 1Gb/s network speed, 100TB monthly data allowance. All as standard.


Building a website is only the first step in the process, keeping your website up to date plays an important role in retaining existing customers, as well as attracting new ones.

Whether it be creating additional features or just adding content, this is just as much a part of our work as is creating a site at the start.

For example, if you use a Content Management System, we can install regular updates in order to maintain security, as well as implementing new features.

With rapid changes in technology, such as mobile devices, as well as new ways of carrying out business, we can help ensure that your online solutions stay relevant and up to date.


Providing high quality after sales support is just as important as it is at the beginning. As a testament to the quality of our service, most of our clients have been with us for many years.

We provide friendly, personal support by phone, email and face to face meetings, to ensure that your website continues to work as it should.

We are more than happy to give honest advice and support, as this helps us to maintain a long standing relationship with our clients. We will never try and sell you something just for the sake of it.

If you are not getting the level of support that you would wish for your online solutions and business, then please get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help.

I have worked with Applejack for many years now, on a number of different projects and they have always been quick to respond to any changes we have requested. I would highly recommend them.

Warwick Bergin
Owner, Seafin & Entrepreneur