Security service plans helping to protect your website from hacking attempts and malware.


Security Set Up

Reducing the risks from hacking attacks using tried and tested methods and techniques.

Security Monitoring

Ongoing notifications and alerts to maintain your website keeping it safe and secure.

Robust Security Measures
Reducing Risk

Use our security service to help make your website more safe and secure.


Peace of Mind

Why security matters

At the last count WordPress is used on more than 30% of all websites and more than 60% of all sites which use a content management system making a total number of more than 17,000,000 installs.

As a consequence it is regrettably the target of the most hacking attempts, amounting to 83% of all CMS’es which get hacked.

A website can have many security holes such as insecure hosting, out of date themes and plugins, vulnerable admin area and database, just to name a few.

We can help you make your site more secure by implementing security measures such as setting up plugins, updating your system, overall website and database hardening, along with ongoing monitoring.

Additionally, it is essential that regular backups are kept and archived should the worst happen, in order to retrieve your site and get it back up and working again.

So if you are looking to ensure that you website stays safe or you have already even been hacked, we can help.

Read more about this in our Blog article, “WordPress security, the dangers and solutions”.

Price Plan

WordPress security plan to suit each individual need and budget, helping to make your website safe and secure.

All prices are ex-vat. The price shown is for indication only, the actual price will depend on the complexity of the site, such as the number of pages and plugins, amount of customisation and compatibility as well as the options choosen. All prices will be agreed in advance.

* Some options require one of our website hosting plans.